Iman Khaghani-Far is a research associate at Northeastern University. He received his PhD in Information and Communication Technology from University of Trento, Italy. His research interests include human computer interaction, persuasive technologies and coaching technologies for wellbeing. His current research focus is on home monitoring and coaching, health wearables and behavior monitoring.


I have a never ending hunger (or thirst) for learning new stuff, meeting new people, making connection between things (e.g., between people, ideas, sciences), innovative solutions to long lasting problems and finally making the world slightly a better place for us. This is what really satisfies me in life :)


I have worked on persuasive technologies to encourage older adults to exercise regularly. The main product that we developed is gymcentral. Gymcentral is a virtual gym that run on a tablet enabling people at home to connect with their friends and exercise with them. We run several studies testing if social presence can encourage isolated individuals to adhere to regular training plans. You can read more on our findings here.

Since 2016, I am working with a young and enthusiastic team at Northeastern University. Our team (Behavior Health Informatics) aim to develop a comprehensive model of health behavior at home. In this regard, we are developing and experimenting with wearables, home monitoring sensors and technologies that allow us to monitor individuals behavior, including physiological and mental activities.

Start Up

From mid 2018, as part of these ultimate goal, my colleague (Christine Gordon) and I with the help of professor Jimison and professor Pavel started a spin-off on our lab generated technology formerly called "NUCoach" . The new company "novowell" will aim at health practitioners and practical nurses to monitor and coach behavior of patients at home and deliver just-in-time interventions.

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